Deep Listening Skills Training


Deep Listening Skills Training

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Saturday 10 am-6pm April 14, 2018

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Learn how Deep Listening Skills can help heal your life and the world as we know it...  



This  training will introduce you to THREE relational practices that will improve your ability to listen:

  • to your own inner knowing

  • to intuitive guidance from the field

  • to cultivate deep empathy and understanding with others

This training is for you if: 

  • You want to feel more clarity in making decisions in your life

  • You want to experience greater harmony in your relationships

  • You want help overcoming challenges and achieving your goals

  • You want to increase your intuitive capacities to help others



Part 1 : The Language of Presence

This multi-sensory approach allows you to listen and communicate from all parts of the self ~ tuning into body sensations, emotions, imagery, and impulses as cues to essence-based expression vs. conditioned patterns of the ego. 

Part 2: Co-coaching

Based on a modality called "Theory U" developed by the Presencing Institute at MIT, this practice can support two or more trained people to experience profound insight within 15+ min sessions. 

Part 3: Reflective Listening

This simple yet atypical approach to communication facilitates harmony even in the most contentious relationship dynamics. It empowers participants to feel heard in the deepest way possible, and to cultivate empathy and understanding for greater connection, healing and love. 


About the Facilitator


Lotus Sattva is a certified coach with a masters in Leadership, and 15 years of experience supporting mission-driven clients. She is a social innovator who has delivered innovative relational trainings across the US from board rooms, to schools, to festivals, yoga studios and churches. 

Lotus's mission is to support the embodiment of unity consciousness as the key solution to solving the world's problems which she sees being rooted in separation consciousness. Lotus believes that if all people were living in alignment with their true self and in harmonious connection with one another and all of creation, we would co-create heaven on earth. 

In 2015 Lotus was named the "Ambassador for Change" by Bioneers and Lucidity festival for her work supporting unification. 

The Deep Listening Skills Training is a key introduction to SIMPLE yet PROFOUND SKILLS that can empower anyone to increase their capacities for more aligned and fulfilling personal expression and interpersonal connection.

Lotus is also available for 1-on-1 coaching and couples counseling, and this training will prepare people to participate in ongoing practice groups starting in Spring 2018.