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"The world will be saved by the Western woman" ~ Dalai Lama

One of the 17 International Sustainable Development Goals developed by the UN is to empower women and children.

Mothers are raising the leaders of the future, and it's time for us to unify in that mission!!

This campaign will kickstart the development of Mama's Leadership Councils to build community, identify opportunities for more connection and support, and develop strategies for how to better meet the need's of local parents and youth.

Sample Activation Event Flow:

  • Arrival and Weaving an Altar of Solutions

  • Blessing and Welcome Circle/Introductions

  • Opening Council

  • Break-out Groups and Working Dinner

  • Report Back from Groups and Next Steps

  • Closing Circle


Click on the images below to go to the Facebook events for each

Wailua, Kauai
June 2, 2019 1-4pm


Anahola, Kauai
April 22, 2019 4-7PM

Haiku, Maui
April 28, 2019 4-9PM

More dates to be announced soon!


Click the mama’s names below to go to their Facebook profile

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Lotus Sattva

Lotus is a solo single mom who has been building community and innovating solutions for over twenty years. Lotus has a Masters in Leadership, and is a certified coach and facilitator. She has trained with world-renowned facilitators including Samantha Sweetwater, Monica Sharma and Gail Taylor. Lotus was named an "Ambassador for Change" by Bioneers and Lucidity Festival for her work supporting unification, and she has worked in every sector including leading stakeholder engagement for local and federal government initiatives. Lotus currently lives in Kauai with her 16yo son Finn who was born at home in a birthing tub in 2002. Lotus is a social innovator who has developed multiple intentional communities, produced events around the US, and she is one of the world’s leading “Social Permaculture” designers developing practices that support people to cocreate solutions by uplifting each other to express our natural gifts actualizing a new paradigm of humanity where we are committed to a world that works for all.


Taylor Conniff

Taylor is a playful soulful mama who is inspired by authentic being. She gave birth to a girl name Wailani Lucia here on Kauai. Mama Taylor has been living on Kauai for 5 years now, healing, growing and practicing the art of healing through improvisational play. Taylor is a song bird and carries many sacred songs and loves to sit with other women and sing our heart songs. She aspires to hold council ceremonies with the mamas on weekly bases, feeling our connections to each other and beyond. The keiki o ka aina are another one of Mama Taylor's passions. To be present and open to play and create a safe place for the keiki to feel empowered and loved.


This campaign will grow through mama leaders around the world joining us to cocreate an Activation and a Council in your community, let us know a bit about you below to join the movement and we will contact you soon.

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